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Community Events

  1. 2021 Tega Cay Concert Series Vendor Registration

    This registration form is for food trucks interested in participating in the 2021 Tega Cay Concert Series

  1. TC Connect


  1. 72-Hour Permit Application

  2. Committee Commissions/ Volunteer Opportunities Form

    This form allows you to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities offered through the City of Tega Cay's Community Events,... More…

  3. Employment Application
  4. New Business License Application
  5. Police Department Complaint Report

    This form is to be completed by the person filing the affidavit for complaint investigation. This form will be regarded as an official... More…

  6. Professional Standards Form

    Officer complaints and commendations

  7. Request to Disconnect Water/Sewer Service
  8. Tega Cay Police Community Event Request
  9. Walmart Fundraising Event Permit
  1. Class of 2021 Parade
  2. Contact Us
  3. F.O.G. Program Application/Renewal
  4. Paperless Billing Signup
  5. Police Employment Application
  6. Public Comment Form
  8. Tree Permit