Irrigation Installation and Backflow Prevention

The City of Tega Cay Utility Department (TCUD) appreciates the opportunity to be the supplier of water for the irrigation system to be installed on your property.

As required by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) for the protection of the public water system, the irrigation system must be equipped with a double check valve assemble (DCVA) for back flow prevention.

The DCVA is to be installed by the property owner or irrigation contractor and then inspected by TCUD prior to installation of the irrigation meter. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a meter installation delay or possible termination of service.

The DHEC State Primary Drinking Water Regulations, section 61-58.7(F), state that this back flow prevention device must be tested annually by a DHEC certified tester. This must be completed annually by June 1.

Backflow & Cross Connection Policy Manual

Backflow Prevention Device Test Form - Return completed forms to: Tega Cay Utility Department, 7725 Tega Cay Drive. 

 Contractor(s) must be SCDHEC certified and have a City of Tega Cay Business License. 

Irrigation Meters

An irrigation meter is a separate tap and meter connection that is installed to supply water for outdoor purposes. Because the water measured by the irrigation meter does not flow into the sewer system for treatment as wastewater, there are no sewer charges, requiring the customer to pay for only the water and the base charge for services. Irrigation meters may be subject to additional regulatory requirements for backflow prevention and annual testing. The costs for testing varies and are the sole responsibility of the customer.