Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set-up service?

To set-up service, you may complete the Water & Sewer Application for New Residential Service and pay $100 deposit and $50 administration fee. You may mail your application and deposit to 7725 Tega Cay Drive, Tega Cay, SC 29708 or complete this process in person at City Hall. The application must be in 48 hours in advance of the beginning service date to ensure service is in place when you have requested.

What happens to my deposit?

The City of Tega Cay will retain all residential deposits for 2 years. At that time, the city will review your payment history. If payments to your account have been made in a timely fashion, your deposit will be credited to your account. If service is disconnected before 2 years, and your account is paid in full, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form of a check.

How can I pay my bill?

  • You can pay online with a credit or debit card.
  • You can sign up for Automatic Draft Payment from your checking or savings account.
  • You can pay in person by coming into City Hall at 7725 Tega Cay Drive.
  • You may place your payment in the silver drop box located in the parking lot of City Hall.
  • You can mail a check or money order in the envelope that comes enclosed with your statement.

How do I disconnect my service?

To disconnect service, you may complete the online form or send an email with account number, forwarding address and termination date. Please note that this request must be made by the account holder or the co-applicant on the account.

Why is my bill so much higher than my neighbor's bill?

Your neighbor's bill does not reflect what may occur in your household. People will have different watering preferences and habits. Your neighbors may have fewer people in their households or different watering habits than your household may have. A better comparison would be using your own prior year's usage and comparing it to this year's usage.

I have a leak! Who do I call?

Always call the City first: (803) 548-3514. This number can be used during business hours as well as in an after-hours emergency. Staff will be dispatched to determine the severity and whether or not the leak falls under the City’s responsibility or if you will need to call a plumber. Note: plumber invoices will not be reimbursed.

Why am I charged sewer usage on irrigation water that runs through my domestic meter?

The reason that sewer usage is charged on irrigation consumption through a domestic water meter is due to the fact that we have no feasible way of measuring or calculating accurate usage of irrigation water. This can be resolved by having an irrigation meter installed. With an irrigation meter your charge will be for the exact amount of water used by your irrigation system.

What is a Boil Water Advisory?

This is a notice issued in the event of a water main break where customers may experience a brief interruption of service or a reduction in normal water pressures. Once repaired, the affected area will be thoroughly flushed and tested to assure that no contamination has occurred. As a precautionary measure until test results can be reviewed, customers may be advised to boil water intended for drinking or cooking vigorously for at least one full minute prior to use. Also, any ice made from water that has not been boiled should not be used for drinking purposes.

What is a sewer backflow?

A blockage in your private plumbing system or in our sewer main in the street can cause a sewer back-up. If you experience wastewater backing up into drains or toilets in your home, contact the Utility Department or a plumber immediately.

Help prevent sewer clogs and backflows:

  • Only flush approved materials down your toilet, or your sink drains. Flushing anything else, even wipes and other products labeled "flushable" can cause blockages. 
  • Don't pour grease down the drain. Grease builds up in pipes over time and can eventually lead to a complete blockage. 
  • Replace damaged sewer clean-out caps. These white plastic caps cover the access to your home's sewer service line. Make sure it's clearly marked and accessible, and replace it if it's damaged to prevent debris from entering your sewer line. 
  • Keep an eye on tree roots. Tree roots can cause damage to your private sewer line. In the event of a sewer backflow, the Tega Cay Utility Department primary objectives are to protect the safety, health, and wellbeing of the members of your household or business; identify the source of the problem; and see service restored as quickly as possible.

If you experience a sewer backflow at your home or business, you should immediately take any necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of the members of your household and to safeguard your property. We also suggest you begin documenting any expense incurred by you as a result of your sewer problem as this will greatly assist you in filing any claims for your damages.

What is a Sanitary Sewer Overflow?

Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) is a condition in which untreated sewage is discharged from a sanitary sewer into the environment prior to reaching sewage treatment facilities. The City of Tega Cay Utility Department works closely with SC DHEC in reporting any overflow as soon as possible in order to protect the health and environment of our residents. At times when an overflow has occurred the City of Tega Cay will post a “No Swim Advisory” on our website and in the area of an overflow as a precautionary measure. Samples will be gathered from the area to insure the safety of our residents. Once sampling comes back favorable, the City will lift the “No Swim Advisory” for the affected area(s).