Facility Rentals

  1. Lakeside Parks
  2. Glennon Center
  3. Beach & Swim Center
  4. Catawba Park

Windjammer Park

$65 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours

Pitcairn Park

$35 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours

Online Booking Link 

To book online, use the link above. You will be required to login or create an account. No payment will be taken at the time off booking since the booking is subject to approval by a member of staff.

If approved a check for $100 will still be required to confirm the booking and can be mailed or handed in to the Tega Cay Parks & Recreation Office (7727 Tega Cay Dr).

In Person Booking Rental Agreement

Please call or visit the office to confirm availability then submit the form above with the $100 security check in person or via mail to our Parks & Recreation office.

For more information contact Ciara Barnes cbarnes@tegacaysc.gov