How do I schedule a commercial building inspection?
Call Development Services at 803.548.3513 x 301 (24/7), and when prompted leave the street address and requested inspection type for your project. Inspections must be called in 24 hours ahead of time, and please be sure all work has been completed before requesting an inspection.

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1. What are the required submittals for a commercial building permit?
2. How soon can I expect to receive a building permit after all required documents are submitted?
3. Where can I buy code books?
4. What should I do to have my commercial property inspected for building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or gas code compliance?
5. How do I schedule a commercial building inspection?
6. I have scheduled a commercial inspection for today. When should I expect the inspector on the job site?
7. I have a North Carolina commercial contractors license - can I do work in South Carolina?