Committees, Commissions, and Boards

Committee members are appointed by City Council and serve a multi-year term. All Committee meetings are open to the public. All committees meet in the lower level of the Philip T. Glennon Center located at 15077 Molokai Drive, Tega Cay, unless otherwise advertised. View the meeting schedule in the City Calendar.

The City will resume accepting applications for upcoming vacancies in October.

Committees, Commissions & Boards

  1. Board of Zoning Appeals
  2. Building Codes of Appeals
  3. Economic Development
  4. Planning Commission
  5. Storm Water
  6. Tega Cay Forever

BOZA meets monthly on the third Thursday at 7:00 p.m. if there are cases to be heard.  Title 6, Chapter 29 of the Code of Laws, South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Act, as amended, requires that all local governments establish a Board of Zoning Appeals as part of the administrative mechanism designed to enforce the zoning ordinance.  The powers of the board are limited to three specific subject matter areas: 

  1. Determining appeals from administrative decisions of the zoning administrator. When deciding administrative appeal from a decision of the zoning administrator, the board is not bound by the conclusion or reasoning of the zoning administrator and may consider and apply the appropriate provisions of the zoning ordinance as dictated by the facts before it.
  2. Granting or denying applications for variances.  The board has the power to hear and decide appeals (requests) for variances when strict application of the zoning ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship. A variance allows the board to modify an otherwise legitimate zoning restriction when, due to unusual conditions, the restriction may be more burdensome than was intended. The variance must not impair the public purpose. To obtain a variance on the ground of unnecessary hardship, there must at least be proof that a particular property suffers a singular disadvantage through the operation of a zoning regulation.
  3. Granting or denying applications for special exceptions. The board of appeals has the exclusive power to permit uses by special exception subject to standards and conditions in the zoning ordinance.