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Deer Management Program Survey

  1. Deer Management Program Survey

    On Tuesday, June 21st South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) presented City Council with findings from a recent deer study conducted inside Tega Cay City Limits.  During the study SCDNR observed 101 deer within the study area which equates to an estimated population of 754 deer, or 2.12 deer per acre within the City's jurisdictional limits.  At the time of the study the deer population did not present a biological issue, however a significant amount of landscape damage was noted.  

    SCDNR allows for a few methods of deer removal in their Urban Deer Management Programs, to include sterilization, relocation and euthanization.  Due to the other programs being cost prohibitive, the only program City Council will be considering at this time is euthanization.  If City Council proceeds forward with this program the City will hire SCDNR approved sharp shooters to hunt on City property in specific areas only for a specified time period.  The sharp shooters would hunt at night, utilizing noise suppression on their rifles.  The shooters would also be responsible for having all the meat processed and then donated to a foodbank/charity.  

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