Windell Woods

Windell Woods is a 52.7 acre planned development located between Dam and Gardendale Roads. Uses include a mix of residential including single-family and carriage-style homes as well as 40,00 square feet of neighborhood commercial.   Total density permitted within the residential site would be 2.5 gross units per acre up to a maximum of 145 homes.

This is very compatible to the adjacent and nearby residential planned developments of Cadence and Lake Ridge.  In addition, the applicant has elected to provide, as one of the recreational amenities, a paved multi-use trail from the edge of the development adjacent to Gold Hill Middle School and along Gardendale Road to Gladiola Way.

The purpose of the Planned Development District is to promote the efficient use of land, allow flexible application of development controls, allow various densities and land uses, provide enhanced recreational opportunities, protect surrounding property, and protect the natural features of the site. 

The land uses and standards outlined in the PDD Master Plan and development documents serve to accomplish this objective through the range and varying intensity of the different uses. In addition, the construction of the multi-use trail will assist the City by implementing the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Here are some key items to should keep in mind.

1. The zoning and use is consistent with what was identified in the most recent update of the Comprehensive Plan.
2. The single family detached portion is less dense than the density in Cadence.
3. The single family attached (townhomes) is less dense than the density in Trinity.
4. Eliminates blighted areas. The abandoned homes, trailers camper and school bus located on the property would be removed.
6. Much needed sidewalk and trails providing connectivity on Gardendale Rd. at the developers expense, not the City’s. The connectivity to Lake Ridge provides connectivity to the trails in Lake Ridge which provide connectivity to Catawba Park and lead to the sidewalk connection back to Serenity Point. All of which are part of the Planning Commissions Bike/Ped Plan.
7. For just Parks & Recreation this project would generate over $560,000 in impact fees that could be applied to additional portions of Catawba Park.
8. Based on estimated price points, approximately $247,000 (today’s value) in reoccurring tax revenue and approximately $2.5 million in one-time revenue (development, building and impact fees)
9. Minimal added expense as it would be “in-fill” of what is in essence a donut hole versus outward growth.