Safe Trade Station

Tega Cay Police Department incorporates a “Safe Zone” for on-line purchase exchanges

Throughout this country millions of local item exchanges happen every day in our communities.  Unfortunately, there are times during these exchanges where safety is jeopardized due to the ill-intent of one of the participating party members.  The Tega Cay Police Department understands that successful buying and selling experiences must rely on trust so we have incorporated a ‘MeetUp Spot’ program to help ensure both buyers and sellers can come to ‘in-person’ transactions with more peace of mind. 

MeetUp Spots are designated areas for buyers and sellers from online and mobile marketplaces to meet in-person to complete a transaction. 

In order to help accomplish our goal, the Tega Cay Police Department has partnered with OfferUp.  OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the country and is on a mission to build the simplest and most trustworthy local buying and selling experience. OfferUp’s MeetUp Spots are an easy way for us to help keep our communities safer by eliminating the need for two strangers to exchange items at a home, residence or empty parking lot.  As Chief Steve Parker states, “This is an innovative way of providing yet another layer of safety to our community. Having designated public spaces to conduct a transaction can help deter criminal intent and activity”. 

To optimize safety and peace of mind, the Tega Cay Police Department has dedicated two parking spaces in our parking lot as a MeetUp Spot location, in addition to our lobby.  These dedicated spaces, along with our lobby, are under 24/7 video surveillance so they can be utilized at any time. We encourage our community to take advantage of our latest program by making use of it for all e-commerce exchanges.  

The Tega Cay Police Department MeetUp spaces are now listed on the SafeTrade Station List and Safe Deal Zones