TC Connect

TC Connect  is a neighborhood enrichment opportunity which allows residents to be involved with the City and especially with their neighbors.

City staff has worked to identify liaisons within each “neighborhood” who meet quarterly with City Staff (City Manager, Parks & Rec, Fire Dept., Police Dept., Public Works and Zoning). These meetings allow departments to give information to be distributed within each neighborhood. The meetings also give liaisons the opportunity to bring concerns from their neighborhood to staff’s attention (Ex. scheduling workdays, maintenance or even public safety concerns).

The overall goal of this program is for the liaisons to create online information opportunities for their neighborhood (via email or social media) to help better share City info, provide the City with feedback from their neighborhoods and create opportunities for volunteering throughout the City.

To find out who your liaison is so you can get on the contact list, see map. If you are interested in representing your neighborhood, please review this map to determine what neighborhood you would represent and submit your information here.